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Sunday, November 19, 2006


The move is official.
I have officially moved to blogspot now.
You can find my rantings there.



I haven't updated for such a long time.Nothing much to update either.
Yeah, just one thing. I'm dying from cramps.
PMS-O-meter reading is at a 100. (the max is 50 - as you can see, i'm above the limit = DYING)

I'm going to blog about this olden-traditional-indian muslim-mother's-mentality.
Please bear with me as i rant how my mother is just spoiling my life.

My mum refuses to bring me along for weddings(I LOVE WEDDINGS). Why? Because her indian muslim friends who have the same thinking as her (i think they influence her) told my mother that she shouldn';t bring along her daughters who are in their teengae years and people would badmouth us. How you may ask?Behold for the most STUPIDEST,UTTER NONSENSE SHIT YOU'RE GOING TO HEAR!! Teenage girls can't go because the other irritating-kaypoh-old-fat women would say that she's bringing along her daughter cause she's trying to get guys to fall for the daughter. Get it? They're just plainly saying that by bringing along your daughter for such functions, you're portraying your daughter as an exhibition in the musuem. Something that people can see. *smacks forehead and rolls eyes*

Like, WTF!
Maybe, you can hold on to this stupid beliefs if u were still in the old times when people were eating people, when u were prancing around naked or something. But now, NO!
It's with this group of people that nothing seems to change!

I was watching this movie. I think it was pirates of the Caribbean. And i dont have to say but Captain Jack Sparrow is so absolutely hot. His sense of humour,his body.. WOAH. So, i just  simply told my mom, "hey, mum.. he's handsome,eh?". Normal mums would have said yeah. But my mother, NO!.
She absolutely reprimanded me for saying a guy is handsome. Supposedly its bad that a teengae girl like me say a teenage guy is hot. * hits head on table*
I wanted to tell her that Johnny Depp isn't a teanger.. But why get into bigger trouble. Most probably she'll start saying some shit like a teenage hgirl shoudn't know so much about a guy!


there's more.. I just can't think of anymore.
I'll blog once i have got more.

note: i should be shifting soon to blogspot. That blog is currently under construction.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

11:28AM - Bye for once and all, PW.

10 Months of madness over at last!

Thursday, November 9, 2006


Plans for the week

Thursday: Op presentation
Friday: Supposed dance practice(cancelled)
             Going to school- get stuff binded.
Saturday: meeting Shalz bf.
Sunday : Visiting and dinner appointment with family.

Sunday, November 5, 2006


Here are some photos that has left countless memories.

This phot was taken when we went down to Sentosa during Darsh's birthday. Check out the 'shark'.
Now you know where i get my madness from! By the way, that grey shark in my pocket.

This is sooooo.... NOT US!
i think some ghosts for the 70's era just possessed us, i think!
This was during Sec 2 farewell. The theme was retro.Check out the headbands. PINKY!

I love this photo. Such a happy family.

Aneesa, nithya and myself. At esmah's house for visiting. It was pretty fun!

OH MY GOD! i love this photo. This photo was taken last year.i love this group photos. It's pretty rare when we get such photos where all of us are in!
I'm bending down cause i have to so that the others would be somewhere around my height.

In the lorry on our way to NUS!
NUS Swarna was full of memories. All the bitching, practice,gossip, trips to Tekka were wonderful!
I would love to have that period of time back.

`I Love you guys, all of you'll. i REALLY miss you'll.
 I propose that one day, we should organise a 2005 batch-sec 4 indian gathering.
I would love that.
Whose with me?

Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Today was the usual unproductive day.
The good thing was that my brother just finished his exams today and i was free of teaching him.
We watched one and a half movies.Played monopoly and swam for an hour.

We're goin got go watch a movie tomorrow. it's a brother-sister day tomorrow. Oh, and his small friend is tagging along too.
Going to wtach Grudge 2. Hope it ain't THAAAAAT scary

I'm way too lacy to write more.. I'll update soon.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Aren't those pumps beautiful. Love them. It's black and looks so simple.
The price wasn't that simple, though. Saw them at Esprit.

Check out the heels. Cool,eh?
But the highlight of this photo is the person who is wearing this.
He's IVAN! yea, a guy. Sometimes its hard to digest the fact that guys have such temptations too.

Check out the shoes. a Whooping 99 bucks.
Check out the legs. Waxed,toned super-sexy legs.
Owner of  shoes:Marks and Spencer
Owner of legs: David(guy)
I know you're surprised. I am too.

That pretty much sums up my fetish for shoes and the wonderful people whom i call my friends.


photo post coming up soon!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I have finally finished my PW oral presentation. Thanks to my other group members namely, pinyi and Hidayat.
Thank god, tomorrow is just the dry run and not the actual o/p. At least i learnt my lesson that i should not do anything at the eleventh hour. 
I think our poster looks good. Thanks to pinyi for all her drawings and thanks to me for buying the stuff and thanks to me and yat for thinking of what to write.

haha. I had a fight with one of my friends yest. No elaboration on that because i dont want to. I think i'll get really irritated. Heh.
Today is Miss vasantham Finals. Wonder who will win? My favourite: none.

i think i have mentioned earlier that i dont have a personal favourite. it's a close fight. I hope Devi Priya wins though.
ironic,eh? I said i dont have a personal fav but i hope that someone whom i like wins. HEHE!

Oh, i was so delighted yesterday!! One of my relatives told me that i was pretty. YAY! wait, don't mistake me. I usually get such compliments :) but you know when you hear it again, it just feels so good, eh?

haha. I'm a pretty girl. i know i am. Yeah.I'm boosting my self confidence!
Fyi, i just signed up for work atachment with Singapore Post. Hope i get shortlisted.


Friday, October 27, 2006


Saturday -O/p practice with group members in School.
                  Meet Keerrthana in her house to get earrings.

Sunday- Meet Aneesa and Praveen to go to Esmah's house for lunch.

Monday- O/P dry run.

Tuesday- Outing to Sentosa-Silosa Beach.

Wednesday- I'm free.

Book me early to avoid disappointments.

I think it is a preposterous to blame a female for undergoing sexual assault. What is wrong with men? It is enough that when someone gets raped, we are the ones who bear the signs of raping by becoming pregnant. The rapist isn't looked down by the society as much as the victim is. Is Humanity going down the drain? 
Though our world has seen many technological advances, i still have to believe that men have not changed their mindset in believing that they are of a superior race to females. They continue to be the same old MALE CHAUVINIST PIGS.
females are disadvantaged in this society of ours. With all this talk of female liberation and all this Sh*t, one would have expected that females are not at a disadvantage to males but no, that isn't the case now.Is it? 
Females are still being tortured. they're being shut out from the world. Honour killingsstill do occur. We are blamed for things that we can't control. many still do not have the freedom of speech.
Anyways, somehow i gotta agree abit with the fact that sometimes females are a reason to get raped and that is when they revela too much skin. Thnat is calling for trouble. Other than that, mentioning that all females are the reason for rapes is ABSURD.total absurd.
I'm sorry if my opinions clash with yours. This is my blog and i am one of the privielaged few who have the gift of freedom of speech.

On a more random note, i like this sentence that i read somewhere.It goes like this, "Meanwhile we dared to dream.Without dreams, there is no reality,without reality, there is no challenge and without challenge, there is no success".

Oh.. they have opened a new lab ion the medicine faculty in NUS-biomedical ethics. How cool is that? i can't wait to devour that experiencE!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006


You Belong in Barcelona<tr></tr><td bgcolor="#EEEEEE"> </td>
" class="ljvideo">My perfect European city to reside in in BARCELONA
according to some survey in this website.yea,i'm bored.

HAri Raya was sooooo FUN!
I had like a decent amount of collection from all the ang pows.
Food was ok. Company was GREAT.
All in all, the day was good.
The start of the day was just spend watching tv. Videos and more videos till my mother got SOOOOO pissed that she as,ked me to tidy up my room which was already tidied up.Pissing,eh?
Later,watched VCDs again and complain to my dad that it's boring and he complaining back that i was complaining too much and i shld appreciate life for how it is because there are people who are less fortunate as they cant celebrate hari raya with new clothes.. bla bla bla.
wait,.i'm not being mean to this less fortunate people.I would have taken pity of them if this wasn't the zilllionth time that my dad had mentioned them. HEH!

 There's this ype about the upcoming finals for Miss Vasantham. Seems to be a really close fight. Not becuase they're all like super good. I haven't seen anyone who is good enough, who caught my attn.
Fazila is pretty,hotbtu she doesn't seem like the person who could be the face of vasantham central. She seems pretty immatured and not ready to take up such a big challenge. Maybe, that's her way of showing her fun and bubbly side..?
Everyone says Yuvaneshwary is intelligent. I haven't seen that part of her. Hope to see it during the finals, at least?
I think the one who has attracted my attn the nmost is Devi Priya.Mostly cause she is dark and i hope she wins. I Like her confidence though sometimes it seems like she's nervous. And i hope she wins cause people would change their percfeption that fair is beauty.Gone through enough discrimination because of being dark.

yea. long post. I gotta go mark my brother's english paper.


Sunday, October 22, 2006


I just typed a really long post and it got deleted.
What a great way to start the day.
I've got no mood to re-type my post.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


TPJC.net is down again.
Might as well close down the stupid page for good. It's down 3/4 of the time. Another scandal?

Well, i have been pretty stressed over certain stuff though my PROMOS ARE OVER! I have got PW to finish and my Group is in like the worst state. We're rushing for our WR. And WR is a really important aspect for my Pw grade, which i want to get a band 1.Seems like a far fetched dream.
STayed up till 1 on thursday to EDIT THE ENTIRE WR by myself. God, it was such tedious work but i guess it was better for just one person to do it. Because.
1) if the work was divided amongst all of us, most prob, the WR would only be done editing NEXT YEAR!
2) Hem does not have microsoft word. She uses some foreign software called 'staroffice'
3) My dateline's sunday night.

Yeah, and i still have OP and I&R to worry about.This is getting way scary... How? How? How?
Well, i'm trying my best, though it's last minute, i hope to get a band 1.Miracles do happen right?

I have got lots to blog about especially about one particulaar person.But, it's not advisable to do it here since i know my blog has readers and she's one of them too. I'll just remain silent and see if i can do anything about the situation with her.

On a more random note, I PASSED MY GP! i got really good marks for my essay. Never gotten such marks for GP before.REJOICE.

Oh yeah, now on a more serious note. I'M GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF MY YOUNGER BROTHER. I nearly lost my voice shouting at him yesterday. 2/10 for Maths MCQ? That's so horrible! he's Primary 5 this year and he has to do well, or atleast pass all his subjects in order to get PROMOTED. I really lost my mind yesterday when he was doing long division. He wrote 100-95=105. That's the basics. SUBTRACTION. I am trying my best to help him. But, i'm such an impatient person. I just blow up when i see an really stupid or careless mistake. Anyone has any good suggestions or ideas to teach my brother maths in the next 1 week so that he can pass his maths? If you'll do have suggestions or ideas, please drop me a comment.

Thanks peeps.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


It has been ages since i updated my blog.
Well, i ahve been too busy with my promos and then my promos results.
My computer crashed. So i'm using my brother's laptop.

my results were not that bad. I think i'm promoted. I passed subjects that i did not think i ill pass like GP.
I failed maths and thats the only subject i failed which is a drastic improvement compared to mid terms in which is failed everything except for econs. Good, but not excellent!

Gotta mug thru the hols. STRESS.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Another one more day.
I'm pretty confident for my Economics. I think i can PASS.
GP-pretty last minute to study.
Bio SPA tomorrow.

Heard no one turned up one in school today except for HIdayat and HEM. That's a wonder. Hem turned up in school and no one else did. What can i saY? The world's full of mystries?
Yesterday was my first day of fasting. Well, i did pretty well. Sat through Elvis, Jehanne and Wx eating breakfast at MAcdonalds without getting tempted. AM I GOOD OR WHAT?
I broke fast at macs.Then went for prayers.
Firdaus commented that i'm a religious girl.HA!

I gotta start praying.and reading the Quran.
ANyways, i just realised that praying the 4th Tarawih gives u the benefit of reading the Quran,Injil and the other 2 holy scripts. I got those benefits YAY!.
Though i only prayed 8 rakayat because i had to go and stufy for my effing Econs promos which is on Friday!

-Allocative Efiiciency is defined as the situation in which it is impossible to make one person better off without making another person worse off-

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Promos are coming in 4 days.
Fasting has just started.

I cant wait for my promos to end becAUSE I have so much great things to do on my mind now that i can dress up, wear my heels and go out now!!

-I wanna re-decorate my room.Gotta go to ikea and get some storage boxes.
- Catch up with my 6 friends.
- Have a date with Keerrthana
- Get that Zara top-the loong sleeve one.
-Go to Sentosa.
-Watch movies.
-i would have added 'eating' to the option but, since its fasting. i cant add that!


Saturday, September 23, 2006


Among all this hatred and tension.Let's do something for the less fortunate. The poor children who are pushed into the sex trade. please show your support.



I QUIT.Please do me a favour. KILL YOURSELF.

Friday, September 22, 2006


I have enough fucking problems to solve that i don't need more.
You've got a problem with me. Be a man and come and say it to me. You coward!
You have all the courage to write it everywhere and tell it to people but you're to scared to come and tell me. Scared of what you're facing up against?

I have lost all my trust and faith in you.
I am trying to change and i see no change from you.
I really got to agree that you're very deceptive and manipulative that i'm so angry with my own stupidity that i actually trusted and defended you.
You know,even if you come up to me and say sorry, i won't ever trust you again.
You broke my trust and that is it.

Seriously, how many of you'll look at yourselves before commenting on others?
Do that,k? and then come and tell me my flaws cause you're still lacking in so many areas that i can come and vomit in your Fucking damn face.
You agitated me. And that's it. We're not meant to be friends. I ahve seen who my true friends ARE.
And true friends are people who accept you for who you are. You're free to pin point their shortcomings but don't try to change them to someone whom you like. Get that. And that is what you're trying to do to me. And i don't want to.
I have found friends who have accepted me for who i am. And you're nowhere in that list, you a**hole(s).

I wish you read this and reflect because i think you lack so much of that that you think you're the best. You suck. I have never been so harsh but you're a sucky person and a friend. Traitor. This is my blog. I'm being vulgar. Do what you can do,b****!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


I wanted to discuss about the Pope's words on Islam on my blog,however,religion being a sensitive issue, i decided against it.
So, yeah..You are deprived of suhaidah's intellectual words of wisdom.

Fasting is coming. It starts next Saturday, i think.
I'm pretty nervous about it because i'm someone who is easily tempted. It's so irritating thAT whenevr i'm fasting, i get all kinds of temptations. From eating Famous Amos to drinking GREEN TEA. (i hate green tea,btw).
But, i'm goingto use this period of time to strengthen my faith which isn't in a really good level and also to lose some weight. I just hope that i wouldn't binge when i break my fast.
Oh, and my schoolmates... Please make my fasting period easier for me by NOT eating infront of me and by not asking,"hey, wanna go get  lunch.Get a burger or something".. PLEASE.

GUESS WHAT!? My dad has been thinking of cutting down my allowance. HEY,$10 IS NOT ENOUGH FOR A JC-GOING GIRL PER DAY. Actually, it's enough. But, i need the money for my extra expenditure like NOTES,CLOTHES ETC..

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